Neoprene Hand Dumbbell Weight Set 10Kg Carry Case, Green, Purple, Blue Colors

Sku: D10366
£30.99 GBP
£49.99 GBP

About This Item

  • Durable Neoprene coating
  • Anti-roll Head Design and non-slip grip for comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable Moulded Carry Case with Handle for easy storage
  • Supplied with a workout chart

NB: Boost your workout with Neoprene Dumbbells, designed for durability and ease. These unisex, non-slip Vinyl coated dumbbells ensure a secure grip and floor protection, making them perfect for beginners and women. Made from quality material with a sleek vinyl finish, they are ideal for home exercises, travel-friendly, and simple to maintain. Enhance your strength and endurance wherever you go. The carry case includes six dumbbells.

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FOLDABLE Clothes Dryer


Upgrade Your Laundry Experience with Houszy Drying Racks 

Houszy is dedicated to redefining your laundry process with our stylish and functional clothes drying racks. Designed to merge durability with versatility, our racks provide efficient, space-saving solutions that enhance home organisation and simplify your laundry routine. We are passionate about creating products that not only meet your laundry needs but also integrate seamlessly into your home, making the task of drying clothes effortless and enjoyable.

All-in-One Solution Clothes Drying Racks

Step up your home organisation with Houszy's foldable clothes drying racks, that are versitile and easy to use. Constructed from superior quality materials, these racks are not only durable but also remarkably versatile. Designed for effortless assembly and user-friendly usage, they seamlessly cater to a wide range of drying needs, from clothes and towels to shoes, pillows, and quilts. Embrace the convenience of having one robust product that handles it all, making Houszy's drying racks an essential addition to any modern home. Simplify your life with the multi-purpose elegance of Houszy.

Ultra-Compact Clothes Airer For Upgraded Laundry Routine

Maximise efficiency in your home with the Houszy collapsible clothes airer,  designed for superior strength and optimal functionality. These racks collapses to a sleek, flat profile for easy storage, while their sturdy wire strands are robust enough to handle a full load of laundry.  They feature strategically placed hooks that prevent clothing wrinkles and are robust enough for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring your garments dry perfectly in any setting. Enhanced with locking non-slip, non-scratch feet, the airers remains stable on any surface and safeguards your floors from damage. 

Non-slip Feet Wear-Resistant

Non-slip Feet Wear-Resistant



Frequently Asked Questions

Can the airer handle heavy loads?

Yes, our collapsible clothes airer is designed with strong wire strands that can support one full wash load, making it robust enough for all your laundry needs.

How easy is it to store the airer when not in use?

Our airer features a collapsible design that folds flat, allowing for easy and compact storage in tight spaces, ensuring it's out of the way when you don't need it.

Is the airer suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, our clothes airer is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand various environmental conditions.

How stable is the airer during use?

Stability is a key feature of our airer, which is equipped with locking non-slip, non-scratch feet. These features provide extra stability and ensure that the airer stays in place without damaging your floors.

How do I care for the airer to ensure it lasts?

To maintain the longevity of your airer, keep it clean and dry when not in use. Avoid overloading it beyond its recommended capacity to ensure it continues to function effectively for years to come.

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Free Next Day Delivery

Free Next Day Delivery

Free Next Day Delivery

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