Shipping And Delivery

Houszy understands that when you buy a product online, you generally expect it to be delivered to your doorstep as quickly as possible. Please have a look at our shipping and delivery information below and understand how it works. 

Shipping and Tracking Details

As soon as your order is confirmed and the goods you ordered are shipped from our Houszy Warehouse, we will inform you via mail. This email will contain the following:
  • Parcel Number
  •  Item/Product information in the shipment 
  • Tracking number

Delivery Information

For all orders placed on the Houszy website, you can select either: 
  • Standard Delivery:  Free 
  • Next Day Delivery:  Free
 *Please Note: Deliveries usually take place from 10 am to 8 pm, and all estimated delivery times are calculated from the moment you place your order, and they do not include weekends and Bank Holidays. A customer’s signature may be required in some cases.

Next-day delivery
For any order placed before 2 pm on Monday to Friday, they will be dispatched the very same day and delivered the next working day*. Orders placed after 4 pm on a Friday or over the weekend will be delivered on the next working day.

Delivery destinations and restrictions

Delivery is Monday to Friday, except for bank holidays, and the products on are delivered all over the UK mainland and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Scottish Highlands. Please note that the postcodes below do not qualify for next-day delivery: 

 AB37, AB38, AB55, AB56, FK20, GY1, IV2, GY2, IV4, IV5, IV6, IV7, IV8, IV9, IV10, GY3, IV12, GY4, GY5, IV15, GY6, IV17, GY7, IV19, GY8, IV21, GY9, IV23, GY10, IV25, JE1, IV27, JE2, IV30, JE3, IV32, AB54, IV40, PH16, IV42, BF1, IV44, AB10, IV46, AB11, IV48, AB12, IV51, AB13, IV53, AB14, IV55, AB15, IV63, KA27, AB16, KW1, AB21, KW3, KW4, KW5, AB22, KW7, AB23, KW9, KW10, AB24, KW12, AB25, KW14, PA20, AB30, PA22, AB31, PA24, AB32, PA26, AB33, PA28, AB39, PA30, AB41, PA32, AB42, PA34, AB43, PA36, AB44, PA38, AB45, PA42, AB51, PA44, AB52, PA46, AB53, PA48, PA60, PA62, PA64, PA66, PA68, PA70, PA72, PA74, PA76, PA78, PA80, PH21, PH23, PH25, PH30, PH32, PH34, PH36, PH38, PH40, PH42, PH44, PH50, PO30, PO31, PO32, PO33, PO34, PO35, PO36, PO37, PO38, PO39, PO40, PO41, KW16, PH18, FK18, FK19, TR22, TR24, BT, IM, ZE, HS, HS1, HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5, HS6, HS7, HS8, HS9, IV1, IV3, IV11, IV13, IV14, IV16, IV18, IV20, IV22, IV24, IV26, IV28, IV31, IV36, IV41, IV43, IV45, IV47, IV49, IV52, IV54, IV56, KA28, KW2, KW6, KW8, KW11, KW13, KW15, KW17, PA21, PA23, PA25, PA27, PA29, PA31, PA33, PA35, PA37, PA39, PA40, PA41, PA43, PA45, PA47, PA49, PA61, PA63, PA65, PA67, PA69, PA71, PA73, PA75, PA77, PH17, PH19, PH20, PH22, PH24, PH26,PH31, PH33, PH35, PH37, PH39, PH41, PH43, PH49, ZE1, ZE2, ZE3, BT1, BT2, BT3, BT4, BT5, BT6, BT7, BT8, BT9, BT10, BT11, BT12, BT13, BT14, BT15, BT16, BT17, BT18, BT19, BT20, BT21, BT22, BT23, BT24, BT25, BT26, BT27, BT28, BT29, BT30, BT31, BT32, BT33, BT34, BT35, BT36, BT37, BT38, BT39, BT40, BT41, BT42T79,BT80, BT43, BT44, BT45, BT46, BT47, BT48, BT49, BT51, BT52, BT53, BT54, BT55, BT56, BT57, BT60, BT61, BT62, BT63, BT64, BT65, BT66, BT67, BT68, BT69, BT70, BT71, BT74, BT75, BT76, BT77,BT78,B BT81, BT82, BT92, BT93, BT94, BT99, IM1, IM2, IM3, IM4, IM5, IM6, IM7, IM8, IM9, IM99, TR21, TR23, TR25, PH15, AB34, AB35, AB36, FK17, FK21, G83, IV29, IV33, IV34, IV35, JE4, BT50, BT58, BT59, BT72, BT73, BT83, BT84, BT85, BT86, BT87, BT88, BT89, BT90, IV37, IV38, IV39, IV50, IV99, PH10, PH13,SP11