Understanding Why Houszy Non-Stick Cookware Is Not Dishwasher-Safe

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Hey there, fellow kitchen enthusiast! If you are anything like me, you probably cherish your cookware like it is a prized possession. And when it comes to your high-quality cookware such as saucepans and frying pans from Houszy, you want to make sure they stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible, right?

Well, today, we are going to discuss something important, the best way to clean your Houszy cookware. You see, these frying pans and saucepans are not just any old kitchen tools, they are designed with precision from pressed aluminium and a resilient granite non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. But here is the thing, they are not dishwasher-friendly.

So, why is that? And why does it matter? In this blog, we share why handwashing your non-stick pots and pans is the way to go for keeping them in prime condition for extended periods.


1. Understanding Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick cookware has changed the way we cook, offering effortless food release and easy cleanup. At Houszy, our cookware products feature a premium granite non-stick coating that enhances cooking performance while minimising the need for excessive oil or butter. This innovative coating is designed to withstand high temperatures and provide long-lasting durability, making it an essential addition to any kitchen arsenal.


2. The Drawbacks of Dishwasher Cleaning

While the dishwasher may be a convenient solution for cleaning cookware, it can do more harm than good, especially when it comes to granite non-stick surfaces. The harsh detergents and high heat of the dishwasher can degrade the non-stick coating over time, compromising its effectiveness and longevity. Also, the abrasive action of dishwasher cycles can cause scratches and damage to the surface of the cookware, further reducing its lifespan.

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3. Why Houszy Cookware is Not Dishwasher-Safe

Preserving Non-Stick Performance

Our cookware is perfectly crafted to maintain its non-stick properties, even after repeated use. Handwashing ensures gentle cleaning without subjecting the non-stick coating to the harsh conditions of the dishwasher, preserving its integrity and performance for years to come.


Protecting Against Damage

Pressed aluminium is lightweight yet durable, making it an ideal material for cookware. However, it is not impervious to damage. Handwashing allows for careful handling and prevents the risk of dents, dings, or scratches that can occur in the dishwasher.


Ensuring Longevity

Proper care and maintenance are essential for extending the lifespan of your cookware. By handwashing with a mild detergent and soft sponge, you can remove food residue and maintain the pristine condition of your pots and frying pans, ensuring they remain a reliable kitchen companion for years to come.

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4. Tips for Handwashing Your Cookware

  • Use Mild Detergent

Opt for a gentle dish soap that is free from harsh chemicals or abrasives. Avoid using scouring pads or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the non-stick coating.


  • Avoid Soaking

While it may be tempting to let your cookware soak in the sink, prolonged exposure to water can weaken the non-stick coating. Instead, wash your cookware promptly after use to prevent food from drying and sticking.


  • Use a Soft Sponge

Choose a soft sponge or cloth to clean your cookware, avoiding anything abrasive that could scratch the surface. Gently scrub away any food residue, taking care not to apply excessive pressure.


  • Dry Thoroughly

After washing, thoroughly dry your cookware with a soft towel to prevent water spots and potential rusting. Store your pots and pans in a dry cabinet or cupboard to protect them from moisture and humidity.

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While the allure of dishwasher convenience may be tempting, handwashing is the preferred method for cleaning Houszy cookware pots and frying pans. By adhering to this simple yet essential practice, you can preserve the integrity of the granite non-stick coating and prolong the life of your investment. At Houszy, we remain committed to providing high-quality cookware that enhances your cooking experience while prioritising longevity and durability. Handwash with ease, and enjoy the lasting benefits of Houszy cookware in your kitchen.

Remember, when it comes to caring for your Houszy cookware, handwashing is the golden rule. If you are still debating about investing in premium-quality cookware products, consider browsing our wide range of cookware products which includes frying pans, grill pans, and deep-frying pans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is meal prep better in glass containers?

Yes, glass containers are a better option for meal prep as they can keep food fresh with their airtight seal lids. Also, they are very easy to wash, leak-proof, eco-friendly, heat-safe, and dishwasher-safe.

Does food last longer in glass containers?

Of course, glass containers are inert, meaning they do not react to any chemicals, which makes them ideal for keeping food for longer periods. The snap-lock lids are also airtight, which means the food will maintain its freshness for longer as well.

Why do people use glass meal prep containers?

While it is a matter of preference, most people use glass meal prep containers because they are a variable option compared to plastic. The glass meal prep containers are heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, leak-proof, and non-toxic.

Are glass containers airtight lids BPA-free?

Yes, these borosilicate glass containers are paired with BPA-free airtight lids and some even come with bamboo lids which is a more sustainable option