Pot de stockage en verre avec couvercle en bambou, pot de stockage hermétique pour bonbons, épices, grains de café

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Pot de stockage en verre avec couvercle en bambou, pot de stockage hermétique pour bonbons, épices, grains de café

Taille: 300 ml

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À propos de cet article

  • Verre transparent pour une identification facile du contenu
  • Bocaux en verre borosilicaté avec couvercles en bambou
  • Hermétique et étanche. Résiste à l'humidité
  • Pot en verre polyvalent
  • Facile à nettoyer

NB : Fabriqués à partir de verre transparent de qualité alimentaire de haute qualité, nos bocaux de conservation en verre favorisent une alimentation saine. Entièrement sans BPA, ils témoignent de notre engagement inébranlable à offrir des produits de haute qualité.

Know Your

Glass Jar Container With Bamboo Lid


Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Bamboo Wood, Silicone

Upgrade your kitchen storage with these lightweight and versatile jars, made from durable borosilicate glass with bamboo wood lids and silicone seals. They are easy to clean and fully dishwasher-safe. Ideal for organising baking ingredients, these glass containers come in various sizes suitable for storing flour, spices, tea, coffee beans, and more. Also, they can double as attractive candy jars for sugars, biscuits, and snacks.

Perfect for any kitchen setup!

Airtight Seal

These kitchen storage glass jars feature bamboo lids equipped with rubber rings, creating an airtight environment that keeps contents dry and safe from insects. This seal enhances both the freshness and shelf life of stored foods.

Wide Application

Perfect for coffee and tea aficionados, these glass jars are excellent for keeping coffee beans, grounds, teas, sugars, and snacks. They also serve beautifully on your vanity to store small accessories and spa essentials, offering versatile functionality for any room.

Easy to clean

Airtight Bamboo Lids

Airtight Bamboo Lids

Easy to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using glass jars with bamboo lids?

Glass jars with bamboo lids offer a stylish and sustainable storage solution. They are ideal for maintaining the freshness of food items due to their airtight seals, which prevent air entry and protect contents from pests and moisture. Also, the clear glass allows for easy identification of contents, and the bamboo adds a natural, eco-friendly touch to your kitchen decor.

Are glass jars with bamboo lids airtight?

Yes, these jars typically feature a silicone seal within the bamboo lid that creates an airtight environment, keeping food fresh and dry. This seal is effective in preventing the flow of gases and the entry of ants and other pests.

How do I clean glass jars with bamboo lids?

The glass jars themselves can often be cleaned in the dishwasher or by handwashing. However, the bamboo lids should be washed by hand with mild soap and water and dried thoroughly to prevent warping or mould growth. It's important not to soak bamboo lids in water.

Can the bamboo lids be used in the microwave or oven?

No, bamboo lids should not be used in the microwave or oven. They are designed for storage purposes only and can be damaged by high heat. Always remove the lid before heating contents in the microwave.

Do these jars come in different sizes and shapes?

Yes, glass jars with bamboo lids are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different storage needs and preferences. Whether you need small spice jars or large containers for flour or pasta, there is likely a size and shape that fits your requirements.

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