7 British Dishes Tourists Should Try Before Leaving The UK

7 British Dishes Tourists Should Try Before Leaving The UK

Enjoying the local cuisine is an integral part of any travel experience, and when it comes to British dishes, there is a delightful variety to relish. From hearty breakfasts to comforting mains and delightful desserts, British cuisine is appreciated worldwide for its unique flavours and traditional roots. Here are eight classic British dishes that you should try before leaving the UK, either at a local restaurant or in your kitchen with the help of high-quality non-stick cookware from Houszy.

1. Fish and Chips

fish and chips

Perhaps the most iconic of all British dishes, Fish and Chips is a must-try for any visitor. This dish consists of a chunk of white fish (typically cod or haddock) coated in a crispy batter and deep-fried until golden, served with thick-cut chips.

  • Ingredients: White fish, Batter, Potatoes
  • How to cook: Fry the fish in a non-stick frying pan until golden brown, and serve with thick-cut chips.

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2. Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

The Sunday Roast is a British tradition that includes roasted meat (beef, chicken, or lamb) served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables, and gravy.

  • Ingredients: Meat, Potatoes, Flour, Eggs, Milk, Vegetables, Gravy.
  • How to cook: Roast the meat and potatoes, bake the Yorkshire pudding, steam the vegetables, and warm the gravy. A good non-stick roasting pan can make this process easier.

3. Full English Breakfast

English Breakfast

This hearty meal is a great way to start the day. It includes eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans, tomatoes, black pudding, and toast.

  • Ingredients: Eggs, Sausages, Bacon, Baked Beans, Tomatoes, Black Pudding, bread.
  • How to cook: Fry the eggs, sausages, and bacon, heat the baked beans, toast the bread, and serve together. The non-stick frying pan ensures an easy and clean cooking process.

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4. Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

This comfort-food dish features sausages (bangers) served with mashed potatoes and is often accompanied by onion gravy.

  • Ingredients: Sausages, Potatoes, Onion, Gravy.
  • How to cook: Cook the sausages, boil and mash the potatoes, and prepare the onion gravy. Use Houszy's non-stick pans for a perfect result.

5. Beef Wellington

beef wellington

This sophisticated dish consists of a tender fillet steak coated with pâté and duxelles, then wrapped in puff pastry and baked.

  • Ingredients: Fillet Steak, Pâté, Duxelles, Puff Pastry.
  • How to cook: Coat the steak with pâté and duxelles, wrap it in puff pastry, and bake until golden brown. Non-stick grill pans are ideal for this.

6. Scotch Eggs

Scotach Eggs

These are hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried or baked.

  • Ingredients: Eggs, Sausage Meat, Breadcrumbs.
  • How to cook: Wrap the hard-boiled eggs in sausage meat and breadcrumbs, then fry or bake until crispy. Houszy's non-stick grill pan can ensure a perfect Scotch Egg.

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7. Pie and Mash

Pie mash

This is a traditional London dish that includes a minced beef and onion pie served with mashed potatoes and a green parsley sauce known as 'liquor'.

  • Ingredients: Minced Beef, Onion, Pastry, Potatoes, Parsley Sauce.
  • How to cook: Prepare the pie and bake, boil and mash the potatoes, and make the parsley sauce. Glass storage containers are perfect for storing any leftovers.


The Final Word

Trying these traditional British dishes is an essential part of any visit to the UK. Whether you are sampling them at local eateries or attempting to recreate them at home, these flavoursome dishes offer an authentic taste of Britain. 

If you choose to cook these dishes yourself, consider buying non-stick cookware such as grill pans, frying pans and deep-frying pans. You can invest in high-quality glass storage containers to make your food storage easy while you are travelling. Explore our collection today, and bring the taste of Britain into your kitchen.

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Oui, les récipients en verre sont une meilleure option pour la préparation des repas, car ils peuvent garder les aliments frais grâce à leurs couvercles hermétiques. De plus, ils sont très faciles à laver, étanches, respectueux de l’environnement, résistants à la chaleur et au lave-vaisselle.

Les aliments se conservent-ils plus longtemps dans des récipients en verre ?

Bien entendu, les récipients en verre sont inertes, ce qui signifie qu’ils ne réagissent à aucun produit chimique, ce qui les rend idéaux pour conserver les aliments plus longtemps. Les couvercles à pression sont également hermétiques, ce qui signifie que les aliments conserveront leur fraîcheur plus longtemps.

Pourquoi les gens utilisent-ils des récipients en verre pour la préparation des repas ?

Bien que ce soit une question de préférence, la plupart des gens utilisent des récipients en verre pour la préparation des repas, car ils constituent une option variable par rapport au plastique. Les récipients en verre pour la préparation des repas sont résistants à la chaleur, passent au lave-vaisselle, au four, sont étanches et non toxiques.

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Oui, ces récipients en verre borosilicaté sont associés à des couvercles hermétiques sans BPA et certains sont même équipés de couvercles en bambou, ce qui constitue une option plus durable.